Winter play

who can join?

6th Graders & Above

Younger Students by Director’s Permission Only

experience Description

This fun & intensive theatre performance opportunity is designed for theater-loving students to develop their confidence, character and presentation skills through ensemble performance and advanced actor training.  Our staff of experienced theatre professionals work closely with the actors to immerse our cast in an active rehearsal process which culminates in one weekend of ticketed, public performances at a local venue.

About the PLAY

Reeling from her sister’s death, Beth suddenly finds herself journeying through a world suspiciously resembling the film The Wizard of Oz. But with the yellow brick road sold to foreign investors after a financial meltdown, the Scarecrow reveling in his ignorant bliss, the Cowardly Lion acting like a paranoid sociopath, and the Tin Man embracing his emotional numbness, Beth wonders what role she plays in this classic story gone awry. A hilarious and heart-wrenching exploration of grief and perseverance on the road to acceptance. 

NOTE: this is a PLAY, not a MUSICAL.

Tuition Cost

Tuition: $250 (4 Payments of $60) + $10 Registration Fee

$0 fee. We will send links to items for you to purchase independently.

#1: Registration ($60) + $10 registration fee
#2: 11/11 ($60)
#3: 12/1 ($60)
#4: 1/1 ($60)

NOTE: A minimum of 3 parent volunteer hours are required for this production (or pay the Volunteer Buyout Fee).

We strive to be Northwest Indiana’s Premier Performing Arts Company. If financial assistance is needed please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer scholarships and different payment plans.


Rehearsals will be split between our studio location in Chesterton and Valparaiso Baptist Church.  Dress Rehearsals & Performance location is TBD.


Dates & Schedule

Regular Rehearsals:

NOV 11 – 6:30-8:30PM (Audition Date)

NOV 12 – 9AM-1PM

NOV 28 – 4:30-8:30PM

DEC 9 – 4:30-8:30PM

DEC 10 – 9AM-2PM

DEC 11 – 4-7PM

DEC 19 – 4-8PM

DEC 20 – 4-8PM

DEC 27 – 9AM-3PM

DEC 28 – 9AM-3PM

DEC 29 – 9AM-3PM


Dress Rehearsals & Performances

Dress Rehearsals

JAN 2-4: 4:30-8:30PM

JAN 5 & 6: 4:30-9:30PM 



Show #1: JAN 5 @ 7:30PM

Show #2: JAN 6 @ 7:30PM

Show #3: JAN 7 @ 3:30PM 

Show #4: JAN 7 @ 7:30PM


+Rehearsals on DEC 28 & 29, and all Dress Rehearsals & Performances cannot be missed for any reason (unless there are extenuating circumstances- contact us!).

limited cast size! Register Today!