Virtual Classes FAQ

As we begin to learn Zoom, we will update this page with helpful answers to questions that may be asked.  We hope that this page will become an easy reference for our clients, so that we can troubleshoot any potential issues that may arise as we all learn how to use Zoom.

Do I Need a Zoom Account?

No, the instructors are the only ones who need a Zoom Account.  Student will be e-mailed a link in order to join the video chat.  No account necessary!

How Do I Get Zoom?

Getting Zoom is easy!  Whichever device you may be using- iOS, Android, Mac or Windows- all you need to do is download the  Zoom App using your devices App Store.  The app is free.

How Do I Get Into the Chat Session?

You will be e-mail a specific link in order to access the chat.  Upon clicking the link, allow the Zoom app to open.  It should automatically take you to the meeting room.  If the teacher is not in the room yet, please wait.  

What Do Voice Students Need?

1) Voice students will need a device that has webcam features available; most smartphones have a front facing camera.  

2) Headphones are imporant to be able to hear the instructor clearly.  

3) The student will need an external device that is able to play music through a speaker. Due to the internet delay, the instructor will not be able to play voice lines or accompany students.  Warm-ups and accompaniment tracks will be in a Google Drive link for your student to access.  Students must be able to use these tracks during the lesson on a SEPERATE device that can get loud enough to sing to.  A Bluetooth speaker might be helpful as well.

What Do Piano or Guitar Students Need?

Piano students just need a way of setting up the webcam enabled device at an angle that will allow the instructor to see the student’s face and hands on the piano or guitar.  A simple tripod may be handy.

Home Environment for the Lesson/Group Class

The student should be in a quiet distraction free area of the house while the lesson is in session.  

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