Murder Mystery – Virtual Play!

Calling all Actors!  Let’s put on a show…virtually!!   

We will learn & perform, “A Mystery Murdered” – A Virtual Play!  

This Mystery Play Was Specially Written to be Rehearsed and Performed Remotely!

This play-within-a-play opens with the butler, holding a gun, standing over the body of Steve Walters.  The butler, John, assures us that things are not what they seem and that this is not a simple case of “the butler did it.”  John introduces us to the other suspects:  Steve’s business partner, his ex-fiancée, his current fiancée, and her friend.  But that’s when the play falls apart, for the actors are as jealous, petty, and conceited as the characters they play.  Our virtual audience will laugh heartily as they realize they’re not watching a mystery, they’re watching a comedy of bickering, egotistical actors who can’t even stage a mystery without murdering it!


  • Classes will be taught virtually via Zoom (an online platform that works on your computer or mobile device…the only thing you need on your end is a camera!).
  • This class is excellent for a young thespian who has at least SOME stage experience.  The ideal student is excited about exploring their place “behind the table” for future theatre projects.  
  • The Class will be divided into the following sections:
    • Auditions/Introductions
    • Group Rehearsals
    • It’s Showtime! (Final Performance Link Sent to All Participants)
  • Instructor: Keri Burman Castro.  Ms. Castro recently completed her Master’s Degree in Theatre Directing from Roosevelt University in Chicago.   
  • Depending on the number of participants, we may double cast the show!


4th Graders and Above

Time & Dates

5:00-7:30M (as scheduled)
Jan 29, Feb 5, 12, 19, 26


Total Cost:  $110  



Enroll in 2 Winter Classes – 10% off both 

Enroll in 3 Winter Classes – 15% off all

Class Space is Limited!