Building A Character: Awesome Acting Class!

This Class is now FULL!  We will be adding additional classes shortly!

So you’re an actor — or you aspire to be!  Ever wonder how to tackle a new character? How to bring your character to life onstage?  Where do you even start? Have you ever been asked to audition for a show with a monologue…but you don’t know what that is?  We are here to help! Join Ms. Keri for this AWESOME Theatre Group Class. 

  • Classes will be taught virtually via Zoom (an online platform that works on your computer or mobile device…the only thing you need on your end is a camera!).
  • It is a Monologue/Character Building Class and the class will be divided into four fun & informative sections: 
    • Breaking Down a Monologue 
    • Creating a Character 
    • Monologue Masterclass 
    • Final Performance & Reflection.  
  • This class is excellent for an actor at ANY level of training.  All levels & abilities welcome – you don’t have to be a current theatre student to participate!  
  • Ms. Keri’s step-by-step approach can then be used to build any character the students are cast in…or, prepare them to audition with a monologue for a future show!   
  • Ms. Keri will tailor the material to the students who enroll, and she will select the class monologues for each participant.  
  • Again, this is a virtual class using Zoom so Ms. Keri will see the students and they will see her (and each other)!


5th Graders and Above

Time & Dates

March 31st, April 2nd, April 7th, April 9th


Total Cost:  $70 
Registration Fee: $10 (Waived)

If the group class is popular, and the schools close through April, we plan to offer an “Audition Prep” class in mid-late April, which we are sure will interest a lot of local young actors.