Ace Your Music Theatre Audition: Awesome Acting Class!

Raise your hand if the idea of an “audition” makes you panic!  Does it lead to confusion? Are you unsure how to prepare? Maybe you’ve auditioned several times in your life but you’d like to get better?  What are some secrets to a successful audition? Well, we are here to help! Join Ms. Keri for this AWESOME Theatre Group Class. 

  • Classes will be taught virtually via Zoom (an online platform that works on your computer or mobile device…the only thing you need on your end is a camera!).
  • It is a Music Theatre Audition Prep Class and the class will be divided into four fun & informative sections: 
    • Selecting a Song that Helps You Shine (& how to make it work for you)
    • Ah – it’s a Cold Read!! 
    • The Nitty Gritty + Insider Tips 
    • Mock Audition & Feedback
  • This class is excellent for an actor at ANY level of training.  All levels & abilities welcome – you don’t have to be a current theatre student to participate!  
  • Ms. Keri’s step-by-step approach can then be used to ace any future audition!   
  • Again, this is a virtual class using Zoom so Ms. Keri will see the students and they will see her (and each other)!


5th Graders and Above

Time & Dates

April 16, 21, 23, 28



Total Cost:  $80 
Registration Fee: $10 (Waived)

Class Space is Limited!